Best 8 transport companies in Montreal


Nous devons demander des services à des spécialistes dans ce domaine. Ils ont l’expérience, qui

les rend prêts à offrir des services excellents, rentables et rapides et sans

pertes matérielles. Cela doit être pris en compte lors de la demande de service, d’une entreprise

pour déplacer des meubles, cela s’ajoute à De nombreux facteurs doivent être confirmés, ce qui est

afin d’assurer la sécurité des meubles, ce qui est assuré par les sociétés de transport de


Best 6 transport companies in Montreal

How to choose the right company for transportation in Montreal

There are several important factors, and key, that must be available in the company that is

dealing with, to move your home furniture, and it is not permissible to dispense with any

worker among them in order to complete the task successfully – the most important of

these are the following:

1- Experience

Experience saves lot of time, effort and costs, and the company that has a large

amount of experience, can provide better service, and this is thanks to long years working in

this field, and dealing with individuals and institutions, and all types of luggage.

2- Providing equipment materials and individuals:

In addition to technicians, workers and drivers, there must be equipment lifting,

transporting trucks, and other important tools for transporting the furniture to the

company. These individuals are well trained; each one of them has a well-designed task to

be achieved and fulfilled. This works best for the interest of the customer, who can be

reassured that his precious belongings in safe and responsible hands

3- The appropriate cost for the customer:

There is no secret that dealing with a moving company is the best way to move your

belongings safely, easily and cost-effectively. A moving company will provide you with the

best lifting, storing and moving services without draining your pocket.

4- Searching for the latest methods:

A moving company is always updated in terms of equipment, materials, and methods of

work. This, of course, saves a lot of time, effort and costs, while taking full care of all the

customer’s holdings, without being exposed to any problems.

With the rapid development of all aspects of human life, it is necessary to search for what

helps us to save effort and time. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose a reliable company

that provides everything that we need, during the transfer of luggage from one place to

another, without significant costs and damages.

Best 8 transport companies in Montreal

1- Kijiji

Do you have a small move or a sofa, fridge, stove, bed or mattress to transport? Kijiji

offers a list of carriers and movers with minivans. Kijiji Montreal is one of the best platform

o find a cheap mover or deliveryman, any time and anywhere Movers on Kijiji are available

all the time; you will have the preference to choose according to your budget.


2- Dmax Express

Dmax Express is an experienced company specializing in transportation, and warehousing.

Regardless of the type of movement, Dmax Express has the expertise and equipment

required. With over 20 years of experience in the transportation and transportation

industry, Dmax Express is able to professionally transport goods, furniture, transport and

storage.The Dmax Express is an expert in the transportation and movement of heavy cargo

vehicles. It is able to transport goods and furniture safely, regardless of the distance

covered,and it is mentioned that the Google Review of this company was estimated to be

4.6 / 5.

1 10

3- Déménagement Constantineau

Constantineau Movers has been providing mobile services since 2005. It’s a small company

located in Montreal, Provide service first class service at a very competitive price.

Google Reviews mentions that this company is ranked 4.8 out of 5 stars.

2 10

4- Déménagement Myette

Have you ever heard of moving horror stories?

Customers often tell us about their experiences with slow, reckless, and inefficient moving services.

Some have entrusted their goods to the company at an attractive price and ended up with

hidden payment fees and hundreds of dollars in fractions of all kinds. Others rented one

of the most expensive companies, but they were treated badly, Déménagement Myette

provide you with professional moving services and it is mentioned that Google’s

Review of this company is estimated with the number 4.9 / 5.

3 11

5- Déménagement Pause Café

It’s a company that has many years of experience in the transportation of residential or

commercial furniture, more specifically, the transfer of billiard and piano tables and other

personal belongings, with very affordable prices It is reported that Google’s review of this

company was rated 4.7 / 5 stars.

4 11

6- Le plan pas con

Founded in 1995 in Montreal, Le Plan Pas Con operates in transportation,

public transport and delivery. This company name, Le Plan Pas Con, is a funny wink and

above all a reference to a French expression that indicates a good idea!

Whether you live in Montreal, in the rest of Quebec, or a neighbouring

province, the company’s excellent services will reach you wherever you are. It t is reported

that Google’s Review of this company is estimated to be  4.5 / 5.

5 11

7- Déménagements Sympathiques

From Plateau Mont Royal to Villeray, from Laval to Longeuil, from Montreal North to

Rosemont La petite Patrie, from southern center via Outremont, planning to move to

Montreal and surrounding areas is no longer a secret of Damien and Movers!

According to Google review, the company is highly recommended and ranked 5/5 stars.

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