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Apple picking is one the greatest Canadian traditions that happens in autumn. Apple season in Ottawa, South-eastern Ontario, will be soon on for 2020. It’s time to be lost in endless rows of apple trees. 

Ontario is well known for its fresh, juicy and abundant apples. When you buy local fruits and veggies, you’ll have the chance to pick fresh fruit from the trees and enjoy some of the best flavours the season has to offer, at the height of harvest season. 

Following seasonal produce guides, apple growers in Ontario will be soon entering what could be described as their peak harvest season. As such, you may see a drop in prices that will help you stretch your budget further.

Ottawa Harvest Calendar: 

Harvesting the famous fruit that keeps the doctor away at just the right time is crucial. This will not only guarantee its highest quality but also enhance its storage life. Each variety of apples has its own maturation time and each tree has its fruiting cycle. For Ottawa, the harvest season starts from mid July to the end of October.

Please note that premature apple harvest results in lower yield, higher cooking loss, irregular shape of the fruits and atypical and a weaker flavour. Similarly, too late harvests shorten the fruit’s consumption period, weaken its organic content, soften its texture so it becomes poorer to endure transport conditions and weaken its resistance during the total turnover. Make sure to pick mature apples. They are usually characterized by their good colour and juicy and crisp flavour. 

Must Know Tips for Apple Picking Season:

Apple Picking Season
Apple Picking Season
  • Check out our list of the best places to go  apple picking near Ottawa.
  • Bring bags and a good pair of shoes
  • Check the optimal time of harvesting and follow the above mentioned information. 
  • Pick and do not shake. Apples should never be pulled off the tree. Otherwise, the tree is disturbed, other fruits may fall off and fruit spurs can be removed with the apples, which reduce next year’s crop potential.
  • Make sure that the fruit is ready to be picked. If the fruit is ready to pick it usually separates easily without disturbing other apples or the fruit spur.
  • To get firm and bruise free apples easily, try the ‘rolling picking technique’. Roll the apple off the branch and give it a little twist. Using this method the apple is gently turned upside down on the spur. 
  • Store and stow your apples. After picking, apples should be carefully set in the picking container, because fruit hitting other fruit, or hitting the side of the container may causes bruising and decay.
  • Enjoy using your apples. Fill your kitchen with its wonderful aroma and prepare your best apple desserts. 

A List of the Best Spots for Apple Picking near Ottawa: 

In order to best enjoy the crisp fall weather, we are pleased to help our audience to discover the best apple filled farms and orchards, a lot closer to their cities than they might think. Here’s a round-up of 11 places to go apple picking near Ottawa, for 2020. 

Adjust it and use it to plan your grocery list. All of these locations are within about an hour from downtown Ottawa.

1- Apple Stock Orchard: 

Apple Stock Orchard ottawa
Apple Stock Orchard

It is open on a daily basis from 9am to 5pm. It is highly rated, according to Google online views. Describing the incredible they had and the solid price they enjoyed, an attestant said:

“We had a wonderful time picking our own apples! The apples are crunchy and juicy, perfectly red and sweet. The prices are extremely fair as well. Really appreciate having an area to sit down and rest too. Will definitely be back next year!”

Do not miss this heavenly place and enjoy picking your own apples.

For further information:

Address: 1341 Merkley Road, Winchester ON K0C 2K0, Canada

Phone: 613-774-0594

Website: http://www.applestockorchard.com/home.html

2- Mike’s Garden Harvest: 

mikes-garden ottawa

If you are looking for a full day of fun, check Mike’s Garden Harvest. It is rated 5/5 stars. Highlighting Mike’s strong commitment and passion, an attestant contended: 

“Mike has a beautiful farm and takes great pride in what he produces. His love of the land goes back to his childhood and he has made a commitment to help people eat nutritious-dense, local and organic food. I rent one of his gardening plots in the summer and the soil produces beautiful delicious veggies”.

To get involved Mike’s garden harvest, in 2020, please contact him through his telephone number:  +1 613-314-3104. You may also check his website page or visit him in 436 River Rd, Gloucester, ON K1V 1E7, Canada. 

Please note that it is open from 10am to 3pm, daily. 

3- Pinewood Orchards:

Pinewood Orchards
Pinewood Orchards

If you are looking for grown apples, growing in naturally enriched soil, you have to check this. According to Google testimonials, which highly recommend and rate this place, it is an “amazing experience! Staff was friendly, apples were delicious and the store was UNBELIEVABLE!! So many beautiful places for fall pictures and fun!”. Please note that you can also enjoy a good trail of biking and walking. The orchards are open from 10am to 6 pm during the weeks and from 9am to 5 pm on the weekend. 

For further information: 

Address: 101 Herzberg Rd, Nepean, ON K2K 2Y3, Canada

Website: http://www.pinewoodorchards.ca

4- Pine Hill Orchard: 

Ottawa Pine Hill Orchard
Pine Hill Orchard

Most of us are increasingly seeking veggies and fruits full of nutrients and devoid of chemicals or harmful fertilizers. If you eager to give a try, visiting Pine Hill Orchard is a must do! 

The testimonials, often accompanied with lovely pictures, report that it is“the best apple picking place near Ottawa!! The apples here are so juicy and delicious and the owners are super friendly. A great activity to do with the family or with friends. I would highly recommend this apple orchard to everyone!”

The owner is described as kind and the staff as friendly. You can also enjoy other healthy selection of raw nutrients such as honey. 

Do not hesitate to visit Pine Hill Orchards, located in 1818 Saint Félix Road, Bourget, ON K0A 1E0, Canada or through their telephone number:  613-487-2064.

5- Mountain Orchards:

Mountain Orchards ottawa
Mountain Orchards

If you want to try the way apples are meant to be, you ought to have a look at the Mountain Orchards. The testimonials guarantee an amazing experience. For instance, a visitor, recommending the place, said that it is a great family experience, “nice for apple picking with kids. There is maze in a corn field for kids. Tractor and big tires for kids outside. There is also a barn with bales. Nice donuts, nice hot dogs and hot apple cider. As well there is a trail in the forest. All activities are free you pay only for your apples and food”.

You can also enjoy tasty other stuff such as corn maze apple pies, donuts and sweet and hot apple cider.

Address: 10175 Clark Rd, Mountain, ON K0E 1S0, Canada

Telephone number: +1 613-989-5601

Website page: https://www.mountainorchards.ca 

Please note that, due to the unforeseen circumstances, they will be available by the end of August, 2020. 

6- Needham Garden Market : 

Needham Garden Market ottawa
Needham Garden Market

Freshly-picked organic veggies and a variety of other seasonal products are sold on market’s website and delivered. According to the reviews, it is the perfect place not only for picking your own apples but also to get fresh maze, awesome pumpkin and good prices, let alone the lovely hospitability. They are open all week long, from 8am to 6pm.

For further information, kindly check below:

Address: 1335 Ottawa Rd 29, Arnprior, ON K7S 3G7, Canada

 Telephone number: +1 613-983-6082

Website page: https://www.needhamsmarketgarden.com 

7- Miller’s Farm and Market : 

Miller’s Farm
Miller’s Farm and Market

Miller’s Farm is another festive place, where you could go apple picking in Ottawa, Canada. According to Google online testimonials, it is crystal clear that visitors have always enjoyed their selection of apples as well as a variety of other organic produce.  The garden opens in the early spring till the end of the fall months. 

To contact them, please check the below information: 

Address: 6158 Rideau Valley Dr N, Manotick, ON K4M 1B3, Canada.

Telephone number: +1 613-692-2380

Website: https://www.millersfarmandmarket.ca 

8- Rideau Pine Farm and Market: 

Rideau Pine Farm and Market

So, here’s another excellent spot to go apple picking in Ottawa, Ontario. Rideau Pine Farm Market definitely offers something extra. 

This farm, located at north Gower Ontario, is open all week long from 8am to 20pm, except for the weekends: from 8am to 18pm on Saturday and from 10am to17pm on Sunday. 

The online reviews highly appreciate and recommend the delicious offerings, seasonal products, natural landscape and the variety of funny activities they enjoyed such as biking.

If you are interested and motivated to explore the abundance of the Canadian nature please visit the farm  5714 Fourth Line Rd, North Gower, ON K0A 2T0, Canada. You may also contact them via phone: +1 613-489-3601

9- Harvest Moon Orchard :

Harvest-Moon-Orchard ottawa

When it is apple picking season, the time is ripe to take family and friends to a local orchard, enjoy sunshine and taste fresh natural products. Harvest Moon Orchard has been rated4.6/5 stars. The testimonials state that:

“The orchard is a little gem. Not only will you find a great variety of delicious apples, but you will also find other seasonal vegetables, a nice selection of squash, garlic, etc. Also you will be able to look around their nice little boutique filled with all sorts of interesting objects”

We recommend our audience to have a look at the exciting pictures of this lovely place. All of the customers, who recommended this place, highly appreciated the services, the knowledgeable staff and the reasonable prices. They said that they will be visiting the same place in the coming year. 

Please contact the farm staff through the following information:

Address: 4625 Carp Rd, Carp, ON K0A 1L0, Canada

Telephone:  +1 613-839-0378

Website: https://applesincarp.wordpress.com 

10- Orleans Fruit Farm : 

Orleans-Fruit-Farm ottawa

Head to Orleans Fruit Farm to eat apples, wonder through the herb gardens, enjoy fresh strawberries, fill up your basket and have a lot of fun with family, kids and friends. The testimonials indicate a great pleasure among customers who loved the clean place, beautiful landscape, friendly staff and easy packing. 

“Love this cute farm for fresh organic produce. Whenever in Ottawa, I make sure to pass by to check out what’s in season. From pumpkins in the fall to sweet strawberries in the Summer, they never fail to disappoint. Prices are reasonable and the staff are polite and helpful”.

The farm is located at 1399 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 7K9, Canada. It is open all week long from 11 am to 17 pm. 

For further information, please visit their website page or call them through their telephone number:  +1 613-830-1303

11- Ferme Dagenais et Le Tournesol :

Ferme Dagenais et Le Tournesol ottawa
Ferme Dagenais et Le Tournesol

If you seek to pick fresh apples and inhale fresh air, then this farm is one of the best directions you could ever head to. This place is open from Monday to Friday (10am to 18pm) and on Saturday from 10am to 15 pm. It is closed on Sunday. Pick your own organic apples, starting from august to the end October. The owner also recommends bringing your bags, in order to take as many apples as your heart desires, and to grab a good pair of shoes because you will wander and get lost in the endless apple trees forest. 

The farm is situated at 1155 Stevens Rd, Embrun, ON K0A 1W0, Canada. Please feel free to contact them through their telephone number +1 613-448-3167 and to check their website page.


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